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A Description of our current projects are listed here
It is Cherokee Warriors like you that make our work possible.
All of our projects require funding.  If you would like to send a restricted donation for a specific
project, please let us know.  We will reserve your donation to fund your project.  And, as always,
unrestricted donations are always appreciated.

If we can assist you in any of the following areas, or others, let us know:

Kituhwa Press
Project 2.
Ned Christie, Cherokee Warrior
Available at:
Museum Store at the Cherokee Heritage Center, Park Hill, OK
Cherokee Nation Gift Shop, Tahlequah
published by: The Cherokee Arts & Humanities Council, Inc.
Author: Roy Hamilton, Gene Norris

- Performance Art, Project 3:
Project For The Cherokee National Theatre Company...  At one time there
was a production called the "Trail of Tears" at the Cherokee Heritage Center
in Tahlequah (Park Hill, actually).   It is no longer in production.  There will be
a production on the campus this summer called "Under The Cherokee
Moon."   We encouraged everyone to see it.  
WANTED: proposals, with
budget for a production in the Tsa-la-gi Amphitheatre, or similar venue(s).  
The proposal should rely heavily on volunteers.  WANTED: volunteers to
serve as director, co-director, production assistants, stage hands, lighting,
sound, special effects, choreographers, actors, dancers, stunt performers,
special effects artist, etc.  SEND RESUMES or FACT SHEETS to:
P. O. Box 594, Park Hill, OK 74451-4156, or email them to:
info  (In the subject line put "Cherokee theatre").  
If you are passionate about theatre, have an idea and would like
help developing that idea, please contact us.

Possible Project 4:
CD featuring the Girty Family Singers

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Please send your support to:
P. O. Box 594
Park Hill, OK   74451-4156
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Project 5:  Festival

Indigitronic, Spring 2009
Sponsorship packets available soon...
To request a packet, email us at
info or visit the links on the "Contact Us" page.

Project 6:
The Kenwood Community Cultural Ground, Spring 2008
Over $61,000
We will be building two restrooms using straw bale construction techniques with composting
toilets, and rainwater catchment and greywater systems.  The building will be wheelchair
accessible, according to ADA guidelines.  The rainwater collection system will catch a
sufficient amount of water from the roof to supply the two bathroom sinks and traditional
gardens.  The greywater drainage from the bathroom sink will eventually provide irrigation
for a basketry garden containing plants used for construction and dyes for Cherokee baskets.
The compost and fertilizer from the toilets, when properly processed, will be used to amend
the soil in the same gardens after the training, and construction of the buildings are

Kitchen / Pavilion Phase:

We will also be building a large structure for cooking, serving and dining, and for Language
and Culture classes. This building will also utilize environmentally friendly systems
including; solar powered lights, a solar powered fridge, rainwater catchment system, sand
filtration system, greywater system, and solar water pump.  We will also be using straw bale
building methods to construct this building.

Rainwater Catchment and Greywater Systems

The roofs from the restrooms and cook shack pavilion will each be used as collecting
surfaces for all of the water needs of the sinks in the two bathrooms and kitchen throughout
the dry season.  Training participants will learn about and construct a greywater and
rainwater catchment system from the refuse water out of the sinks into the future garden

Infrastructure Phase:  Roads – pavement/graveling of the roads

Exiting Kenwood Road to the Cultural Ground is currently dirt, narrow (only one car can go
in any one direction) and the incline/grade is steep at one point.  To address the
accessibility and the passage of automobiles or other vehicles (R.V., etc) the road should
be paved to the top.  From the top of the hill to the cultural ground the use of gravel is

This project will also be a training opportunity for others interested in learning about
Environmental planning and building techniques.   If
OUT REACH NUMBERS:     In 2007 the CAHC out reach program served
4,328 individuals.

July 28th - mystery tour group greeting, Tahlequah = 68
Aug. 1 - dinner for scholars, CHC, Tahlequah = 98
Aug. 7 - NDN taco sale = 55
Aug. 11 - Garage/Yard Sale = 90
June - Aug, C.N. History Class, Muldrow = 20 per week at 14 weeks = 240
Aug. 15 - 19 - Cultural Exchange, Cherokee, NC = 100
Aug. 19-24 - Grantsmanship Seminar;  Williamsburg, Va = 35
Aug. 31-Sept. 1 - booth Cher. National Holiday = 200
Sept. 2 - Co-Sponsor FFCN Reunion at CHC = 100
Oct. 4 - Washington County Cherokee Association Cherokee Stomp Dance Workshop = 50
Oct. 5-6 - UKB Holiday, volunteer booth/Roy = 45
Oct. 6 - Bartlesville, OK, Public Library, Genealogy Lecture = 55
Oct. 13 - Bossy Memorial Stomp Dance - no count
Oct. 18 - Tulsa Model T Ford Club = 67
Oct. 18 - National Council for Geographic Education Conference; OKC = 400
Oct. 20 - Step-on Tour Guide for Indiana St. Univ. Retired Professors, Park Hill = 20
Oct. 26 - National U. S. Marshal's Symposium, Fort Smith, AR = 200
Oct. 27 - Fort Smith Descendant's Day II = 15
Oct. 27 - Choctaw Ceremonial Ground, Tuskahoma = No Count
Oct. 30 = Bentonville School System (Ark.) = 225 (students, parents, educators)
Nov. 3 - C.N. Camp Egan Training Workshop (Roy, Gene, Dawni) - 40
Nov. 12 - Muskogee School System (Middle School) (Dawni)  - 60
Nov. 13 - Muskogee School System (High School)  (Roy) - 60
Nov. 15 - Muskogee Public Library (Gene) - 30
Nov. 17 - Springdale, AR, Boy Scout Troupe - 50
Dec. 6 - J. Erb Food for Film Crew - 250
Dec. 17 - Ryan, Dawni and others,. Bull Hollow, students  - 20

Attention Board and Members:  If you host, or attend, an event and share information or promote us please let us
know to how many, date and location... So, we may add that information to the out reach record.


Early Out Reach

Three Chiefs go to Europe

Exhibition: EBCN, NC (Museum of the
Cherokee Indian)
Project 1.

Serving the after
school programs in
highly populated
rural schools in the
Cherokee Nation;
Maryetta School
Bell School.
Both schools are
located in Adair
County, Oklahoma,
the Trail of Tears
District of the
Cherokee Nation.

The program
includes instruction
in Cherokee history,
culture and
traditions, as well as
art classes for the

For more about this
outreach program or
other programing
contact us at:
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